Repels jellyfish and impedes stinging

SPF 30 protection

Médusyl sunscreen and jellyfish repellant

Protects against jellyfish stings and sunburns

Jellyfish can quickly ruin a day at the beach. Their painful, itchy stings can leave you hurting for days; even dead jellyfish washed up on the beach have the capacity to sting.

To make sure your beach trip is a good one, the best strategy is to stop jellyfish stings before they happen—and that’s where Médusyl by Quies comes in. This dual-action cream prevents most types of jellyfish stings* and offers both UVA and UVB protection.

Médusyl stops the stinging process by :

  • Causing the jellyfish to confuse your skin with another jellyfish, so it doesn’t try to sting
  • Impeding the mechanism by which a jellyfish fires its stings
  • Blocking the stinging cells
  • Forming a protective silicone barrier that prevents tentacles from sticking to the skin

Médusyl is water-resistant and paraben- and phenoxyethanol-free, and has been tested by dermatologists. Its gentle formula is suitable for sensitive skin. Apply the lotion generously all over the body, insisting on the arms and legs, before going to the beach or out in the sun.

* Tested on chrysaora, chiropsalmus, and rhopilema jellyfish; these jellyfish are present in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans, the Mediterranean Sea, and the English Channel.